CCPA Compliance best practices: Learn how one company turned 45 days into 45 seconds

Turn your Data Tsunami into a Competitive Edge

Harness your data and reveal real-time insights with

Switchboard’s ready-made data automation platform.

Automate Real-Time Reporting

Move Beyond Outdated Spreadsheets

Results in Weeks, ROI in the same Quarter

Avoid Costly Engineering Projects

Switchboard’s ready-made data automation platform turns disparate data into a single source of reliable, trustworthy information:

Who are our best customers?

Be Data Strong

From the team that launched Google BigQuery.

Switchboard reveals real-time insights for digital media companies and advertisers to engage audiences and optimize yield and spend to grow revenue.

"We implemented Switchboard's platform to eliminate the cost and uncertainty of building complex data automation. Switchboard's Data Operations domain expertise allowed us to focus on what we do best, delivering great digital...products."

— Barry C., Head of Advertising Data Operations

Forward-looking teams rely on
Switchboard to Be Data Strong



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