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You need data that keeps up with you

Data drives everything - when you can reliably harness it.


Digital-first businesses know that there’s too much data today and more coming tomorrow.

Growth & revenue teams need fast and reliable data to test hypotheses and make quick decisions.

Tech teams need to focus on building company IP - not troubleshooting bad data.


Orangetheory Fitness unifies disparate data to drive marketing efficiency with lead funnel conversion and member engagement.

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Dotdash Meredith relies on an interactive reporting suite that puts revenue insights directly into the hands of business teams - Switchboard provides a single source of truth for over 40 online brands.

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This data-driven industry disrupter consolidated 250+ global marketing channels and proprietary business rules in 60 days without missing a beat.

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VICE requires enterprise-grade scalability to automatically process up to 50TB per year of delivery, inventory, audience, and viewability data through Switchboard’s real-time data automation platform.

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The Financial Times used Switchboard to launch an award-winning CPH product in weeks, saving an estimated 6–9 months of custom development.

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MightyHive depends on Switchboard to automatically prepare and normalize data from 60 billion transactions per month for real-time analysis of programmatic performance.

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