VICE Leverages Switchboard to Automate and Accelerate Analytics Across $5 Billion Global Digital Publishing Network

Big Data Drives Big Decisions—Aggregating Disparate Data Sources for Rapid Analysis and Decision-Making.



  • Using Switchboard's cloud-based service, VICE accelerated the company's most complex big-data initiative by 6-9 months against internal company estimates for a DIY solution

  • VICE saved an estimated 9,000 person-hours by adopting Switchboard's automation and data preparation platform, allowing key developer resources to remain focused on the company's content network

  • VICE empowered business leaders with real-time decision-making based on cross-platform reports, with results powered by Google BigQuery

  • VICE enabled turnkey event-level analytics using Switchboard to automatically handle 50TB annual ad and bidding logs, without any IT overhead

Access to growing amounts of data should be an asset, not a liability. Publishers have an unprecedented opportunity to grow their business by taking a scalable, automated approach to managing their data. We hope you find this paper helpful and we welcome your thoughts and feedback at


A pioneering digital publishing organization, VICE operates the world's premier, original online video and lifestyle destination. With an international network of digital channels, the VICELAND television network, a television production studio, a magazine, a record label, an in-house creative services agency, and more—VICE is truly a world-wide media and data phenomenon.

With surging global growth pushing the company's most recent valuation to more than $5 billion, VICE is one of the most comprehensive and complex digital publishing platforms in the world. However, the explosive global growth of VICE created three significant data challenges:

With a global presence in over 30 countries creating volumes of heterogeneous siloed data, and a sharp rise in the use of programmatic ad buying and selling, there was too much data from different sources to efficiently manage and prepare for an up-to-date, strategic view of business performance.

With data velocity reaching rates as high as to 50GB/day, and with complex APIs and schemas, a single data source such as DFP Data Transfer could take full time data engineers months just to understand and automate.


Timely Insights
Data for manual reports took so much effort to massage and prepare that any insights were arriving too late to impact business performance.

Audit-ready history of business-critical data

Switchboard Operations dashboard. Real-time visibility into data health

About Vice

VICE was launched in 1994 as a “punk zine” and has since expanded into a leading global youth media company with bureaus in over 30 countries. VICE operates the world's premier, original online video destination, VICE.COM, an international network of digital channels, a television production studio, a magazine, a record label, an in-house creative services agency, a consumer insights and research services department, and a book-publishing division. VICE's digital channels include The Creators Project, dedicated to the arts and creativity, Motherboard, covering cultural happenings in technology, and Noisey, a music discovery channel.

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Switchboard reveals real-time insights for digital media companies and advertisers by harnessing their data. From the team that launched Google BigQuery, Switchboard’s ready-made data unification platform turns disparate data into a single source of reliable, trustworthy information. Forward-looking teams from the Meredith Corporation, The Financial Times, Spotify and others have left behind outdated spreadsheets and custom engineering projects. Today, they rely on Switchboard to make confident decisions that engage audiences, optimize yield and spend, and grow revenue. 

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