A holistic approach to DataOps

We bring you a sophisticated data automation engine as a foundation to turbocharge your DataOps. Our automation engine helps to drive DataOps velocity in a continuous integration and deployment model.  from data modeling and testing to versioning and deployment. What sets us apart from other DataOps tools is our unique domain expertise in a large variety of data sets and our iterative approach to data.  Our deep bench of data experts bring that intelligence to every customer engagement, and our iterative data model helps close that data gap between the business teams and tech teams.

The Switchboard data model


Our Capabilities

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Connecting systems to drive revenue efficiency

Cloud-based data automation platform bringing together a growing ecosystem of complex connectors across marketing, sales, CRM, social, OMS, etc.

Why Switchboard?

Beyond pipelines and raw APIs, connectors are almost table stakes. But we go a few levels deeper beyond simply ‘connecting’ pipelines or implementing ETL. We work with the business teams to transform the data into a format that is useful to them. We do this by making multiple API calls and presenting a structured view of data to drive smarter business decisions.

Automating ETL for speedy insights

A data automation engine that drives a fully managed data asset and an end-to-end data lifecycle - all the way into the data warehouse.

Why Switchboard?
We deliver ETL with a difference. Our dedicated customer success engineering that is focussed on the outcome of the data for the non-technical business teams.

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Modeling unique business rules and joining data

Recipes of human readable scripts that help to manipulate complex data pipelines according to custom business rules.

Why Switchboard?
Fully customizable recipes for hypergranular business needs that can work with a range of disparate data sets towards an objective to find insights.

Data governance

Data health reports with alerts, logs, recovery processing and bad schema detection.

Why Switchboard?

Rapid problem triage and issue resolution with third parties by investing in data health metrics.

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An authoring environment with scalable workflows

Standardized and scalable workflow for testing, versioning, deployment, governance and monitoring.

Why Switchboard?
An agile and iterative approach to managing data pipelines, designed for complete scale and flexibility. 

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