FANDOM drives revenue and sales efficiency with a fully integrated data solution.

FANDOM optimizes revenue operations and community engagement for its 200 million+ monthly users by managing data at scale with Switchboard and Boostr.



  • 8.3 billion rows of data ingested per month

  • 200 approximate person hours saved per month

  • from 45 minutes to 45 seconds time to create customized reports

  • from monthly to daily reporting on critical KPIs for leadership teams

FANDOM is a premier destination for community-driven content with 200M+ monthly unique users across 400K communities streaming and gaming online. FANDOM demands serious data insights, rigor and granular reporting to drive more revenue and high-quality user experience.


Given the scale of this user-generated data, which is millions of daily events coming in at the speed of light, reporting is a massive challenge. FANDOM also has a vast network of advertisers and monetization partners to drive the growth of its user base. Therefore, FANDOM’s revenue operations and growth marketing leaders need clear visibility into community and advertiser-level data.

Their engineering team is skilled at consolidating advertiser data across programmatic ads and other channels. But with the constantly changing scale and scope of this data in real-time, responding to the daily needs while managing mission critical projects quickly becomes unsustainable. In this dynamic environment with complex data, business rules, and a growing ecosystem, the revenue operations team needs a more robust solution without overburdening their data engineering teams.

What Switchboard and Boostr do

Switchboard partners with Boostr to create an integrated publisher solution to measure campaign performance by tracking revenue goals across all buying channels. This capability helps  FANDOM unify all the advertiser and user-generated data from their order management and CRM (powered by Boostr) into a data warehouse.

With this converged (pre-digested) data, they create more cohesive dashboards with access to high-level metrics, including revenue per channel, sell-through rates, and CPMs, to determine which communities drive the most revenue.

They also create drill-down reports with granular metrics such as Revenue per Deal ID, page views, user behavior on-site, last seven days trending, or performance across geographical regions. This helps to determine which ad products work best with which page content to make informed revenue optimization decisions on the fly.

The Switchboard data automation platform also immediately alerts teams to anomalies, vendor outages, and schema changes for quick interventions and optimizations, critical when dealing with data at scale. Meanwhile, Switchboard’s Customer Success team offers unparalleled domain expertise to continually support FANDOM in adopting best practices in accessing and storing data.


With Boostr and Switchboard, 100% of our direct and indirect revenue is automatically tracked with minimal intervention and visible at all levels. In the past, we had to run manual reports and pivot the data in spreadsheets to get a full view of our Direct and Programmatic business. Today, we use Switchboard to help manage our complex data from multiple systems including Boostr, resulting in less manual work with more frequent and deeper insights. This frees up our RevOps team to focus on analysis and growing revenue, and gives our Sales team direct access to their clients’ PMP daily delivery.

Rex Anderson
Director of Revenue Strategy

About Switchboard

Switchboard enables enterprise business teams to be data-driven. From the team that launched Google BigQuery, Switchboard’s ready-made data unification platform turns disparate data into a single source of reliable, trustworthy information. Business stakeholders at Meredith, Pearson, Spotify, and others get a strategic data asset for customer insights and revenue operations, while their technical teams retain control without the burden of day-to-day operations. Be Data Strong with Switchboard.