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Confident Decisions are Built on a Rock-Solid Foundation

What is Foundational Data and Why Do You Need It?

Foundational Data is data that you can rely on to make informed business decisions. Basic metrics such as Impressions Delivered to blended KPIs like Revenue per User need Foundational Data. Switchboard's data automation platform transforms raw data into Foundational Data. This enables you to make confident business decisions knowing your data is reliable and trustworthy.

Raw Data vs. Foundational Data

Raw data is just that—messy, chaotic, and disorganized. Foundational data is accessible and actionable—clean, verified, from multiple sources, easily queried in real time. It's always up to date and ready for analysis.


Omniture Raw Data


Omniture Foundational Data

Raw Data is Not Ready for Prime Time

Incomplete Data
Hiccups in vendor systems or networks can create gaps in data delivery. When key data isn't delivered as expected, results end up skewed



Incorrect formats or errors in transmission result in incorrect or unreadable data. Corrupted data breaks existing workflows or damages previously pristine datasets

Duplicate Data
Correct data can be delivered more than once. Duplicate data, once ingested, can be especially difficult to detect and remove


Unmatchable Data
Keys to match across datasets can be mismatched. For example, a match for “LineItems” can be thrown off when one vendor formats the ID as “xxxx-xx-xxxx,” while another formats the same ID as “xxx-xxxx-xxx”

— Barry C., Head of Advertising Data Operations

The more we can use big data with Switchboard—from reporting in hours versus days, and eventually seconds versus hours—the closer we get to our vision of providing an unmatched information experience for our customers.

— VP of Digital

Foundational Data Enables Trustworthy Core Metrics and Advanced KPIs


Foundational Data Unleashes your Business Team

When decisions are fueled by a single source of reliable data, your teams can get down to business.


Real-Time Decision Making

Make confident decisions now, instead of spending days or weeks sorting data

Compound KPIs

Create powerful metrics that matter by combining key datasets from different parts of the business

Consistent Reuse Across Projects and Teams

Having an established and well-curated set of data building blocks saves time for your teams and builds trust

Large-scale Data Insights

Year-on-year comparisons require large amounts of data that is accessible and actionable

Event-level Data Insights

Analyze highly granular data such as Revenue Per User across campaigns, properties, or audiences

Foundational Data can help you grow
revenue with real-time business insights

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