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Using Data to Disrupt the Music Industry

This data-driven industry disrupter consolidated 250+ global marketing channels and proprietary business rules in 60 days without missing a beat.



  • 1,000% increase in data under management

  • 300% increase in new partner integrations directly controlled by the business team

  • 0% increase in headcount


Growing rapidly through its 100M+ paid subscribers, 150M ad-supported listeners, and the world’s highest-streaming podcast, data is key. RevOps and Marketing need to consolidate hundreds of data streams from dozens of partners – accurately, transparently, and on a global scale. 


Harnessing an expanding partner ecosystem of SSPs, ad servers, and marketing channels means being able to pull together the data, manage day-to-day operations and ensure data integrity. This includes managing individual partner feed schemas and semantics, and transforming revenue and spend data in a way that reveals more accurate and granular insights according to each team’s KPIs. But engineering resources are focussed on big data initiatives and building bespoke systems. They need to look beyond legacy code and vendor solutions to aggregate and normalize their data sources. 

What Switchboard does

Business teams can now govern and monitor their own unified strategic data asset merged from hundreds of disparate sources. Switchboard provides a no-code environment based on reusable “data recipes” which allow them to transparently model and iterate on their own business rules. A battle-hardened cloud-based platform does the heavy lifting of scaling, monitoring, alerting, and logging operational processes. 


Using Switchboard’s platform, which integrates with existing systems including data warehouses and archival data lakes, teams are able to pull the freshest real-time data to present to the C-suite and other stakeholders. Crucially, they can quickly recover following any partner outage or schema change by identifying the source of the glitch and automatically backfilling with accurate data. Plus, Switchboard's Customer Success team provides unique domain expertise and hands-on assistance that empowers teams to manage their data with minimal reliance on the engineering team.


It took less than 60 days to implement an enterprise-scale data automation platform capable of integrating 250+ marketing channels, with issue resolution time reduced from one week to less than one day. At the click of a button, teams have access to a global marketing measurement and spend report, free player ad revenue report, and podcast ad revenue report.




“If we hadn’t started working with Switchboard, given competing priorities we would still be trying to fill the engineering resource gap today. We had invested over eight months of engineering to overcome a data challenge that took Switchboard one month to solve – and now saves us 80 person-hours per month on engineering and operations overhead.”


– Financial Engineering Lead

About Switchboard

Switchboard’s ready-made data unification platform turns disparate data into a single source of reliable, trustworthy information. Business stakeholders at Spotify, Orangetheory Fitness, Meredith Corporation, FT, Pearson, and others get a strategic data asset for customer insights and revenue operations, while their technical teams retain control without the burden of day-to-day operations. 

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