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About Us

Switchboard reveals real-time insights for digital media companies and advertisers by harnessing their data. When Switchboard’s co-founders launched Google BigQuery in 2012, they saw first-hand that the amount of data media companies were grappling with was rapidly outstripping their ability to utilize it. Switchboard was created to help solve this problem.

Our ready-made data unification platform turns disparate data into a single source of reliable, trustworthy information. Forward-looking teams from the Meredith Corporation, The Financial Times, Spotify and others have left behind outdated spreadsheets and custom engineering projects. Today, they rely on Switchboard to make confident decisions that engage audiences, optimize yield and spend, and grow revenue.

Be Data Strong with Switchboard.

Meet The Team

Michael Manoocheheri
CTO & Co-founder

Michael manages Technology and Customer Success at Switchboard...

Ju-kay Kwek
CEO & Co-founder

Ju-kay oversees Strategy, Sales, and Product at Switchboard. He launched Google...

Lauren Riera
Customer Success Lead

Lauren's brain is wired to pay attention to the tiniest detail making her the perfect...

Topher Olson
Chief Architect

Topher loves to code. He built the open-source distributed database TreodeDB...

Zsolt Szabo
Software Engineer

Zsolt is happiest creating automated solutions, from a distributed build system...

Gene Conroy-Jones
Software Engineer

Gene spends his days crafting intuitive UIs using the latest design standards...



Our Advisors

Randy Shoup

VP Engineering at Stitch Fix

Randy Shoup is a 30-year veteran of Silicon Valley. He has worked as an executive and senior technology leader at companies ranging from small startups to eBay and Google. As VP Engineering at Stitch Fix, he helped lead its engineering team to a successful IPO in 2017, and also served as Chief Architect at Tumbleweed Communications through its IPO in 1999. Randy has spent the last 20 years building, scaling, and operating large-scale services serving hundreds of millions of users—from analytics and business intelligence, to developer platforms and infrastructure, to real-time ecommerce search.




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