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  • Blanca Yañez

Data automation: A new hope for your data

As Master Yoda once said:

...ok maybe he didn't say that. But the point still stands! Bad data does lead to suffering. And one way to avoid this suffering is through effective data automation.

One of the things we often hear from leading media companies is how manually organizing data from different sources can lead to a number of headaches. For example, manual applications such as excel sheets can increase the risk of human error. If you don’t catch an error early on, it can cause many problems further down the data pipeline.

Not only will your team waste valuable time and money trying to fix it, but it will be difficult to pinpoint exactly where the errors reside. Even worse, when an error goes unnoticed, you’ll end up leaving more money on the table due to inaccurate forecasts.

Using unreliable data to make predictions can mean losing thousands, if not millions, of dollars from ill-informed decisions. A company could invest an inordinate amount of its advertising budget in a particular campaign thinking it will yield results, only to find out that they’ve overestimated the amount of people that it would actually resonate with.

In summary, manually pulling your data is time intensive, expensive, and increases the risk for human error. Help [us], Obi-Wan Kenobi!

Your Obi-Wan Kenobi here? Data automation that delivers accurate information (not all of them do).

With reliable data automation, you’re taking the variable of bad data out of the equation. The resulting analytics will help your marketing team plan their campaigns to reach the right audience at the right time with the right message. Meanwhile, your data is compiled in real-time and accurately, allowing your engineering resources to focus on more strategic work. Additionally, if your data operations are automated, you’re enabling automation throughout your business, which will ultimately help to accelerate your growth.

Moral of the story? Spare yourself many unnecessary headaches and embrace data automation.

Master Yoda would approve.

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Learn why a publicly-traded media conglomerate said, “We had previously invested over eight months of engineering to overcome a data challenge that took Switchboard one month to solve.” Email me to learn more:

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