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  • Navid Nassiri

Join Switchboard at Apex Assembly Chicago!

Another week, another industry event - and we can’t wait!

This Thursday, we’ll be heading over to Chicago for the latest Apex Hybrid Assembly for CIOs, CISOs and CDOs.

This year’s event promises to be packed with discussions on how forward-thinking data executives can use transformative technologies to “bring value to their enterprise and customers”.

Topics include:

  • Fundamental shifts in adopting an enterprise wide forward strategy

  • Disruptive technologies and how to address transformation

  • The of future enterprise AI and machine learning

  • The role you play in diversity, inclusion and leadership

As advocates of cloud technology, we’re particularly looking forward to this year’s opening keynote panel, entitled: "Your Cloud Transformation, Data, & Security Journey", in which Kristina Chambers, CDO at TTX, and Praveen Moturu, VP, Chief Enterprise Architect at Mars Incorporated, will describe how data executives can harness their data in the cloud while remaining focused on privacy and security.

Over the past decade, data analytics has rapidly moved toward cloud-based platforms. At Switchboard, we know that getting your data into the cloud is easy. In fact, as we described in a recent blog post, “getting data into an Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) in the cloud from dozens if not hundreds of data sources today is really pretty easy. If anything, it’s too easy.”

However, once your data is in the cloud, “being able to confidently extract valuable information from this data is really hard.”

And that’s where Switchboard comes in. We don’t just help enterprises load their data into their preferred EDW. We then partner with the business teams to make sure their data is accessible, reliable and trustworthy enough to inform critical decision-making. And we make sure the entire process is automated, freeing their data engineers from constant manual intervention to keep the data in good shape. Only then can an enterprise be confident in its investment in the cloud, and the tools they use to unify their data.

Apex’s Chicago CIO CISO CDO Hybrid Assembly brings together visionary leaders and industry experts in one place for a day of content, discussion, learning, and networking. If you haven’t already, register here.

Or to find out more about how Switchboard can help you harness your data in the cloud, book a meeting with our Head of Sales, Sean Cogan, at

About Apex Assembly

Apex Assembly specializes in bringing together technology leaders from the world’s largest companies to discuss technology trends and focus on solving their biggest technology challenges. By uniting exclusive C-level communities, Apex offers unparalleled opportunities to mindshare in a secure environment and collaborate on industry trends, challenges and successes. For more information, visit

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