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  • Sean Cogan

Join Switchboard at AdMonsters Publisher Forum this August!

We’re excited to be attending AdMonsters Publisher Forum in Montreal from August 14-17, 2022.

This is a great event for us, as we love talking to publishers and other digital media leaders about their rev ops strategy and how to maximize revenue streams using data insights. In fact, the forum brings together a great number of teams including Ad Ops, Product, Sales, Data Analytics, Client Services, and Finance for some great networking and collaboration opportunities.

The other great thing about the forum is that it delves into industry topics that really resonate with our clients at the moment, such as Solving for Mobile Addressability, The Evolution of Publisher Targeting, and Why Users Block Ads, to name just a few on the agenda this year.

And of course, all of these topics hinge on one thing - data. And the problem isn’t necessarily how much you have - as for most digital media teams, volumes are soaring daily. It’s what they’re doing with it that counts.

Whether today’s digital media leaders are looking to aggregate their ad spend to get a blended view of programmatic, direct deal, ecommerce and social data - or build out a strategic data asset that allows their business teams better access to the data - we’re here to help.

So if you’re looking for opportunities to interact with technology service providers or take away actionable insights for your teams - or are simply looking forward to the ‘Tech Crawl’, cocktail receptions and dinners - then join us as we head over to Montreal from August 13th - 15th. To book a 1:1, email me directly at

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