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  • Sean Cogan

See you in Miami for Digiday’s Publishing Summit!

From September 19-21, we’ll be attending the Digiday Publishing Summit in Miami, Florida - an annual event that brings together media leaders from across the world to discuss new growth areas in publishing.

We look forward to catching up with old and new clients - Financial Times, Dotdash Meredith, The Atlantic, and PMC - and meeting new friends.

Our clients on last year’s event

“The Digiday publishing summit was an excellent gathering of industry leaders and helped illuminate the path forward in uncharted territory.”

- Financial Times, Managing Director, Money Media

“This was a great event - the networking was brilliant - and I’m very happy I attended.”

- The Atlantic, Programmatic Growth Lead

Illuminating the path ahead

Digiday’s Publishing Summit is a great chance for us - and other major players in the media industry - to come together and discuss solutions to the current economic crisis. From Blockchain publishing and post-cookie monetization to programmatic, the event will touch on some of the hottest trending topics in the publishing world.

As well as giving businesses an opportunity to network and learn from one another, Digiday will also give publishers a much-needed confidence boost following the events of the past couple of years.

The great thing about the summit is that it won’t just address these disruptions, it will also shed light on how other businesses are adapting to them. These stories will serve as real-life case studies, showing publishers that it is possible to carve out a sustainable future in the face of disruption and change.

The driving force behind innovation

At the core of all the speaker sessions - whether that’s leveraging the metaverse for advertising, uncovering data trends, or considering third-party cookie alternatives - is data. It’s the one component that ties all these emerging media trends and models together.

Now, more than ever, publishers need to be able to utilize and unify their data effectively, using revenue-driven metrics such as forecasting, pacing, inventory and revenue-at-risk reporting. We help them do just that, tapping into their full potential and uncovering even more opportunities to target and engage audiences.

If you’re not sure where to begin, feel free to connect with me or email me at - I’d love to meet you in Miami and show you how to harness your data effectively.

Alternatively, find out how we help some of the world’s largest digital media companies and publishers - such as Financial Times and

Meredith - leverage their data for greater gains.

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