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Why we have SOC-1 compliance, and why it matters for your data

When Michael and I founded Switchboard, we took our BigQuery heritage seriously. The problem we saw was uncontrolled streams of data filling the EDW and as a result, business teams couldn’t rely on the information being trustworthy to make critical decisions. Since trustworthy data is the foundation of what we do, I’m proud to announce that Switchboard has received SOC-1 compliance.

Here’s why this matters. For our typical customer, we connect, transform, and process up to hundreds of data streams gigabytes of data each day. Our data integrity engine was built with a foundation of deep governance controls, such as logging every operation, monitoring data quality, and flagging upstream issues, that provides teams with a single source of truth a single pane of glass about their data ecosystem. The idea is to enable teams to focus on making decisions that drive the business forward instead of second-guessing the numbers.

While SOC-1 is perhaps more typically related to Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) financial controls, it benefits all Switchboard users. SOC-1 compliance means we’ve built a platform that stands up to the detailed scrutiny required for public company financial reporting. That foundation of trust is there every time you need to make a decision driven by your data. Because it’s not enough to have the data. You have to trust the data.

To learn more about Switchboard’s specific governance controls or to receive a copy of our SOC-1 report, please contact us.

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