Our mission to help our customers to Be Data Strong

About Us

Switchboard enables enterprise business teams to be data-driven. When Switchboard’s co-founders launched Google BigQuery in 2012, they saw first-hand that the amount of data media companies were grappling with was rapidly outstripping their ability to utilize it. Switchboard was created to help solve this problem.

Our ready-made data unification platform turns disparate data into a single source of reliable, trustworthy information. Business stakeholders at Spotify, Meredith Corporation, The Financial Times, Pearson and others get a strategic data asset for customer insights and revenue operations, while their technical teams retain control without the burden of day-to-day operations. 

Be Data Strong with Switchboard.

Meet The Leadership Team


Ju-kay Kwek
CEO & Co-founder

Ju-kay oversees Strategy, Sales and Product at Switchboard. He launched Google BigQuery in 2011 as a founding executive of Google's Cloud Platform. He partnered with a global agency to build the world's largest DoubleClick and Audience Analytics pipeline. Ju-kay also launched Google Feedback in 2010 and worked on Google's global data center infrastructure from 2008. Prior to this, he was a product manager at Wily Technology. He cut his teeth on enterprise software at SAP. Ju-kay holds MS and BA degrees from Carnegie Mellon University.

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Michael Manoochehri
CTO & Co-founder

Michael manages Technology and Customer Success at Switchboard. He spent four years at Google where he helped to launch the BigQuery and App Engine developer ecosystem. Before IoT was cool, he created a real-time crowd reporting tool for Google's I/O conference connecting hundreds of wireless sensors. Prior to Google, Michael did startup engineering at ManyMoon (acquired by Salesforce), and spent a number of years working in digital broadcast media and technology publications. He earned degrees in Information Management and Biology at UC Berkeley.

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Topher Olson
Chief Architect

As Chief Architect at Switchboard, Topher loves to code. Prior to Switchboard, he built the open-source distributed database TreodeDB. Before this, Topher spent six years at Google writing tools to manage its data centers, fleet of machines, and multitude of services. Topher also worked at WebMD and Oracle. When not writing features, refactoring code, and sleuthing bugs, he can be found lifting weights, shooting photos and eating. Topher holds an MS degree from UC Santa Cruz, and a BS degree at Carnegie-Mellon University.

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Sean Cogan
Enterprise Account Executive

Sean helps to drive sales efforts at Switchboard. Prior to Switchboard, he spent time as a top performer at business intelligence and analytics firm, Sisense. Experienced in a high-growth startup environment, Sean has first-hand experience building up sales and consulting teams, deploying an audible-ready market strategy and optimizing channel partner relationships. With a diverse background, he brings a unique perspective for innovative ways to drive and scale the business. Sean holds a BA from Elon University, North Carolina, where he played varsity soccer.

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Lauren Riera
Team Lead, Customer Success

Lauren is wired to focus on the tiniest detail, making her the perfect addition to the Customer Success team. She works closely with clients and the Engineering team to ensure everything runs smoothly. Prior to Switchboard, Lauren worked in fine arts museums, honing her project planning skills. When not working, she enjoys celebrating the diverse arts and music scene of San Francisco and volunteering at community events. Lauren holds an MA from the University of San Francisco, and a BA from Simmons College, Boston.

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Zsolt Szabo

Full stack web developer Zsolt is happiest creating automated solutions, from a distributed build system at BEA WebLogic to network outage tests at Riverbed Technology. An all-round team player, prior to Switchboard Zsolt held various roles in test automation, as well as supporting security and ops as director of DevOps at ContractWrangler. He holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Maryland. When not at gymnastics meets or hockey games, Zsolt can be found solving problems at a bay area climbing gym.

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